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Visit Us At Hunter's Run Gun Club
Visit Us At Hunter's Run Gun Club
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Visit Us At Hunter's Run Gun Club
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Your source for lightning fast delivery of prefit, precision rifle barrels. Started as a sister company to the popular, the outlet strives to simplify the barrel ordering process for gun owners who are looking for the most popular and common precision barrel configurations. McGowenOutlet has also simplified the ordering process for our semi-custom barrels. These are barrels that are slightly more customized than our off-the-shelf prefits.

John Disney - fitting a siteAnother unique feature of the McGowen Outlet is our location. We are located at Hunter's Run Gun Club in Port Allen, LA. This allows the unique option to buy a barrel and shoot it the same day at our outdoor rifle range. Visit us if you are ever in Louisiana and would like to experience our great southern hospitality.

McGowen Precision Barrels was founded by Harry McGowen in St. Anne, IL. After 39 years building the finest rifle barrels know to the industry, he decided to retire. The shuttered equipment was purchased and relocated to Kalispell, MT forming the new McGowen Precision Barrels LLC.

John Disney - Lead Gunsmith,  Fitting a sight  

Tired of waiting for your precision barrel? McGowen Precision Barrel Outlet at Hunter’s Run leads the industry in precision barrel delivery times. Now, you can experience the McGowen accuracy faster than ever. Pre-Fit barrels have a 1 week delivery time! Semi-Custom’s can be delivered in 8-12 weeks. Our delivery truly is faster than a speeding bullet. Visit us at Hunter’s Run Gun Club in Port Allen, LA and experience the precision today! There, you will find a selection of our most popular barrels in stock and ready to install. Also, we invite you to visit our forum to talk all things barrel. The McGowen Outlet Forum (For Straight Shooters) is a free resource to get tips, tricks and helpful advice from other precision rifle fans. It is a great resource for potential McGowen shooters to learn about the sucesses of others. It is also a great way to get in touch with us at the outlet. Our lead customer service guru and professional shooter, Dennis is a frequent poster. He'd love to answer your questions and give you pointers. Fast delivery, unmatched accuracy, and friendly customer service from knowledgable shooters. That is what the McGowen Outlet is all about!

Fast Delivery Times!


* Properly installing a rifle barrel requires knowledge and experience. While not impossible to install yourself, specific gauges and know-how are required. McGowen Precision Barrels should be installed by a qualified gunsmith with the necessary gauges and tools for safe installation. Please see available services for more information on installation available from the McGowen Outlet at Hunter's Run Gun Club.
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